Waterproofing of terraces of the UPV

Waterproofing of terraces  formerly with bituminous membranes SBS and gravel ballast that had lost its tightness. Removing the gravel and bituminous products, regularization with cell mortar and final layer of rigid repair mortar and semifloated as support for the waterproofing of PU 2C in continuous for projection.

Work: Rehabilitation and Waterproofing of the covered terrace of the Polytechnic University of Valencia

Surface: approx. 2.800m2

Year: 2011

Engineering: Valnu Servicios de Ingeniería

Customer: Constructora Vareser, S.L.

Final costumer: Public University Polytechnic of Valencia



Cover above waterproofed with bituminous SBS that, with time, lost its watertightness. On the cover are 148 skylights and numerous HVAC equipment making it difficult to significantly any conventional waterproofing with pasted overlapping or thermowelded.


Waterproofing system chosen was liquid membrane based on PU 2C continuously applied by spraying. Within seconds polymerizes and is attached to the holder so tough and strong and moves together and elastic with him waterproofing it long term guaranteed way.


A walkable waterproofing, of the latest technology, without overlaps, joints or welds which continuously covers the entire surface as a skin and 100% waterproof in the long term.