VALNU performs the installations of the cleanroom Nanophotonics Center

VALNU performs the installations of the of the room cleanest of Spain. The installations were made in the cleanroom of the Nanophotonics Center of Valencia. Technicians Germans not found neither a particle in the air of the cleanroom of the Nanophotonics Center.

Excerpt from the newspaper "El Levante":
Today is the Day D!". Said yesterday with a mixture of excitement and nervousness deputy director of Innovation Nanophotonics Technology Center (CTN) of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Francisco López Royo. At his side, the center director, the Professor of Photonics Javier Martí, watched through the window of the new clean room of the CTN as technicians German of the certification company TÜV evaluated the quality of which will be the first and only "nanofoundry" or nanochips factory photonic from Spain.

In this high technology center will be manufactured tiny silicon chips qthat can become 10.00o times smaller than the diameter of a human hair. On this scale of the minuscule, which works on scales below the ten-thousandth of a millimeter, the suspended particles in the air are authentic elephants.
So the obsession with cleanliness is maximum: sticky mats where dust from shoes adheres, white overalls, foot covers, masks, gloves... And within the cleanroom a laminar air flow in continuous recirculation from the floor to the ceiling ensuring a total purity atmosphere.

This clean room of 258 square meters (m2) in which they have invested 6 million euros and two years of work has three different environments according to particles per cubic meter (m3) of air allowed: 10.000, 100 y 10.
The epicenter of this facility, the small room where there can not be more than 10 particles per m3, will house the electron cannon that lithography the photonic circuits of the nanochip on the silicon wafer and it can only enter one person. This place focuses the most critical stage of the manufacture of nano chips, so it is required that the air inside be 10,000 times more pure than an operating room.


"Day D" enrollment exceeded
Nanophotonics Center exceeded the "Day D" with honors, given that, after two days of analysis, German certification company has not found any particles in the air of the electron gun chamber for what he has granted the classification of Class 1. This category is the highest in terms of cleaning standards, because it means that within it there is only one or no particles per m3. This tag makes the clean room of the CTN on the paten from Spain, and that today there is no other cleaner place south of the Pyrenees. Ein the rest of Europe there are only two equal cleanroom, one in Grenoble (France) and other in Lovaina (Belgium).
Also, the other two room spaces have obtained a classification that improves their initial performance level. That is in the room 10,000 were measured 1,000 particles per m3 and at 100 only 10. Once certified the suitability of the room begins the countdown to the Polytechnic to become the Silicon Valley Spanish.
The next step, explains Martí, will be introduced from next week the manufacturing machines of Nanochips in the room. After installing the equipment, valued at 24 million, technicians of TÜV reassess the room, to begin producing the first Nanochips from June.