The Cultural Center La Rambleta open its doors in March

fachada Centro Cultural Rambleta

The cultural center "Rambleta" will open in March the theater, the showroom and classrooms for music and dance, Valnu Engineering Services has made the facilities of this cultural building in the neighborhood of San Marcelino.

As stated in the newspaper Las Provincias just now the center is in phase of monitoring, tests, controls and inspections but it is expected that by early March this operation.

La Rambleta is being built on a plot of 3,000 square meters jadjacent to the park of the same name, in the neighborhood of San Marcelino. It is an seven-storey building in which stands the auditorium for 800 spectators, a municipal management library, five classrooms of music, four rehearsal rooms, two rooms for exhibitions, four training classrooms and two floors of parking for 150 vehicles.

Already inside, construction is even more advanced. Impresses the great room, where it still has not closed the number of seats, which could be between 680 and 700 seats. The idea is to foster a strong theatrical activity, mainly contemporary, well as dance and other shows. There will also be movie matinees for children

"It is not to compete with the big cinemas, although the center complete the offer". The building, of the architects Carmel Gradolí and Arturo Sanz, is completed with a public library with a seating capacity of 130 readers, and a large exhibition hall, another for cultural activities (read workshops, training and seminars), along with one of the pearls of the center, theater-cafe with terrace and a stage that will serve to monologues sessions or magic shows, among other.