Valnu is awarded the Faculty of Health Sciences in the UJI

Valnu has been awarded the project execution drafting of the facilities and environmental project of the Faculty of Health Sciences and the Animal Facility at the University Jaume I of Castellon.

The building will consist of three modules for Research, Common Services and Aularios, in parcel24-25, and an animal house located on plot 36.

The three modules of the building have Basement, Ground Floor, First, Second, Third, Fourth and Cover.

The buildings are arranged by usages so the Research Building has research laboratories ordered in the northwest facade and seminars on the southeast façade.

The Common Services building contains general services in the basement and lower plants (Assembly Hall, Coffee, Reading Room, generally accessible Hall ..) and higher plants intended uses as dean, administrative areas, meeting rooms and departments. This building also includes in its program teaching classrooms.

the building Aulario contains teaching classrooms of different capacities of occupation; 30, 40, 60 and 100  people. Note that the classrooms of 100 people have bleachers in the back row.


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