The New College of San Roque of Polop is a reality

The Colege of San Roque of Polop already been delivered to the property cwith what could soon be occupied by more than 340 students and teachers, they expected this news to occupy the premises.

San Roque

The building designed by the architects of CIEGSA, V. Correll, J. Monfort and J.V. Palacios with support from Valnu Engineering Services in the facilities of engineering, comprises 27 classrooms, 18 of them for primary and 9 for children, besides multiple multipurpose rooms, with offices, music room, laboratory and library, kitchen, dining room, assembly hall, indoor and outdoor sports court in a total of 15,000 square meters.

The last week with the signature of the receiving of the work was organized a day of open doors for both students and teachers could see the school facilities that going to occupy.

San Roque